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Tales from the dark side: Don’t mess with the Magician

Don’t mess with the Magician I told him as he tried to ruin another trick for me and the audience – you see it was a small gig (30 guests), so you end up with some of them following you and watching you all the way – but he wouldn’t listen, so I had to deal with him.

I knew if I tried to hypnotise him he’d resist me, so I showed one of the other guys how to do it instead. And just when he was about to go under I stepped in and took him down deep. Wasn’t too long after that he didn’t know his own name or where he was…the timing couldn’t have been better as his girlfriend walked in and requested I make him propose to her…I whispered my marriage spell instructions in his ear, and seconds later he was bended on one knee proclaiming everlasting love and begging for her hand in marriage.

I prefer white magic, but I’m well versed in the black stuff too.

more about hypnosis here: www.meta-magician.co.uk/try-this

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