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Mind Reading

I was performing at a wedding last week doing a bit of mind-reading, I’d not been there long and was still establishing my credentials so to speak. Opportunity comes knocking at my door and it’s make or break as Mr Bolshy says, ‘go on then tell me what I’m thinking’…in some ways that’s what I love about performing Close-up, totally impromptu, you never know what might happen next.

So thinking on my feet I say, think of a card (in a moment I size him for what he is) and he does. I say 3 of clubs…no way comes the retort – nailed him. I’m way ahead of him and know just where he’s going next…I say think of another. Got it, 7 of hearts – right again. I’m on a roll here, so I say wait a minute (he’s in my world now), I’m gonna write the name of a card down here on the back of another card (think it was the Jack o diamonds I wrote on)…done. I say think of a card now..he names his card. I turn over the jack and there it is the 10 of spades – his card.

The stuff of legend. Wasn’t long before everyone was patting me on the back for dealing with him – seems nobody likes a smart arse.


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