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What is close-up magic?

Eugene Berger, one of the greats in magic sums it up nicely – CLOSE UP MAGIC has an impact that simply cannot be matched – it is the impossible being done a few feet in front of you!”

Until you’ve seen magic performed live you really can’t comprehend just how amazing it can be. Miracles happening right in front of you, often with things that belong to you.

Working close-up offers the opportunity to interact with the audience, sense their mood and perform magic to suit. It can be full of excitement, drama, laughter and fun – personally I work from a large repertoire that I’ve built over the years and like the great showman PT Barnum ‘I have something for everybody.’

Regardless of age, as humans I don’t think we ever loose that joy of being surprised and delighted. And maybe that is the appeal of Magic – that it can remind us of things we are in danger of forgetting. Not only that the world can be a very mysterious place, but that life is full of pleasant surprises.

Close-up Magic: My pleasure and passion!


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